> agps-onlinec -c full -u [EMAIL PROTECTED] -k Fvhcv -la 35.22 -lo -79.46 -al
> 250 -p 100.00 &
> provided the location data prefed to agps-onlinec and the current time
> (system clock) are accurate enough. (clock doesn't need to be
> second-precise, but if it's off several hours or more then you've got

If you have some kind of regular IP connectivity, then your clock offset
should easily stay well within 1s (using an ntp daemon).


PS: BTW, thank you all for your answers.  I now see that my experience
with my FR is simply normal so I shouldn't try and waste any time
figuring out what might be wrong with it.  I don't even need aGPS for my
intended use of the GPS (mostly for OSM).

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