Sorry to drag this old, over discussed topic up again.  However, I am
concerned that if action is not taken soon then all GTA02 owners will be
left without any real chance to ever get anything in the way of OpenGL
support.  So I ask the question, what is Openmoko's position on writing an
OpenGL driver for the Glamo chip or at least aiding developers with some
form of documentation?

I have read speculation that it may be possible to do something such as
rewrite the documents to get around the NDA.  Since it seems rather clear
that SMedia has no intention to release the documents to anyone else under
NDA, it is solely up to Openmoko to write the driver or at least aid any
community members with the ability to write such a driver.

Hopefully there is something that can be done, or better yet, something is
currently being done on this.

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