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> > > I hope the software stack becomes less of a joke in time for GTA03
> > > or it'll be hard to get much new customers...
> Actually I have never read any jokes about the software stack. But it is a
> sign of good mental health when a community is able to make fun of itself.
> Besides, where else would one share jokes about Openmoko ? Open fire !
> Here is a old one: With milestone IV, openmoko-fso-console-image , FSO is
> getting really close to a workable GNUPhone as described at:
> http://notnews.today.com/2008/09/22/free-software-foundation-announces-gnuphone/
> Minh, Wolfgang,

Please don't misunderstand those of us who seem to have nothing but negative
opinions.  We bought the phone because we loved the open source ideal.
However, having committed good money and not having the ability to make
infinite copies of it, those of us who bought it for pure philosophical and
utilitarian purposes, rather than academic or career-oriented ones, have
been definitely disappointed at the never-ending list of problems.

I'd rather not enumerate them.

I believe Rui is very correct in his comment on the commercial aspect of
this effort and the results it has yielded so far.  Here is a great idea
with tremendous potential if you set the right goals and direct your
energies to achieve them.  The open source philosophy has a distinct
disadvantage of people developing just for the joy of it without considering
the harsh realities of economics and consumerism.

You are competing against real products that, if you disregard the
deliberate crippling and proprietary technologies, 'Work'.  A commodity
device should perform its basic functions faultlessly 'Out Of The Box'.  I
hate these cliches as much as you do, but they fit their purpose perfectly.

I am, as other users must probably be, thankful to your team and the
community for the effort you have put in, and the support and spirit you
have shown.  I am glad that the Freerunner is no vapourware.  I am glad the
Back To Basics program was conceived and started.  However, I believe that
the GTA02 is your only chance to make the GTA03 and future versions a
resounding success.

Please concentrate your efforts in curing its shortcomings.  Make it
reliable and usable at least for us semi-geeks.  The path you have followed
allows the boys to use it as their toy, but if that remains its only
purpose, there will be definitely lesser repeat customers for the GTA03,
whenever it comes out, and whatever it turns out to be.
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