Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Having said that, if someone wants to seriously develop for the glamo,  
> please get in touch with me and we will find a legally correct way to  
> extend the smedia documentation to you.
> In fact we have done that in a few cases before already, but I'm not  
> sure how much actual codes have come out of that. I think very  
> little ;-)
> So we need some really serious coders that don't mind a tough challenge.

Reading this makes me so happy... If I don't remember wrong, some months
ago some users asked how to help in this, but I don't know if they were
contacted or not. Now I can't find the mails, but I remember I've read
them here or in devel (or maybe kernel) list...

I just hope that you could find someone that would like working in this;
as written before, maybe we could ask for a collaboration to the
DRI/Mesa developers...

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