Tig wrote:
> Ok I will bite :)
> Q:  Why did OM cross the road?
> A:  To get to another toolkit :)
> Q:  How many OM devs does it take to change a lightbulb?
> A:  Well first we need to abandon the old lightbulb holder because at a later
> date we may not be able to plug a floodlight in,  bring in a new lightbulb
> holder and adapt it to multiple floodlights,  meanwhile the engineering team 
> has
> realized that this will only run green floodlights and has started rewiring 
> the
> whole house.. :)  The burnt out lightbulb is due to be fixed at a later date 
> :) 
> Please not this is not a cue for a thread on lightbulb analogies :)
> Q:  What is the difference between a professional photographer and OM user?
> A:  The OM user has to flash more often :)
> Q:  Why did the OM newbie log onto #openmoko?
> A:  Because they had not read:
>     a)  the wiki
>     and
>     b)  the topic
>     As then they would know you slide your finder up on the keyboard to get 
> the
> numbers to enter your sim pin.
> I will be here all week,  try the salad :)
> Regards (apologies for posting via gmane moving e-mail around) 
Hehe, love the lightbulb one!

Q: What's the difference between an iphone and a freerunner?
A: One works but takes away your freedom, the other is free but needs 
your work

Knock, Knock
Who's There?
A Neo User
A Neo User

Q: What did the Neo say to the insomniac?
A: At least when you go to sleep you know you'll wake up!

Ancient chinese proverb: "Neo owner is man carrying wall charger"

And I've saved my favorite for last:

Q: What's the difference between a brick and a freerunner?
A: A brick isn't designed to make phone calls.



(All in good fun)

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