isn't it all like leibniz, newton and the differential calculus? ;-)
I'd really love to have all these ideas merged into one application.
@ TImo: I am really envious about your voice-detection-recording and
love to combine ot with my GUI.

It would not be a problem to implement all of these things adored in
what has been written so far:
- GPS-Coords - saved as textfile related to the recorded wav-files or as
vorbis-comment in the headers of an ogg-vorbis-file (implement real-time
ogg-encoding is what I'm working on at the moment, fruitless up to now
but still trying! Speex-encoding would be much more adequate, but I
didn't get it managed to use with python. Any help/hints/efforts?)
- Switch GPS/gpsd on and off via GUI-button
- Switch from only recording-when-speaking-mode(what about porting
monologue to python or write a python-extension?) to manual-pause-mode
- do all these settings as well via command-line-options

I mean a dictaphone can do all these things as a sideline and we got all
the comfort and functionality, you need for georeffered recording or for
interviewing or for noting thoughts about your memoires or something. :)

It's just about time and a little help, I think.
I'll spend all the time I can grab on this now!


Francesco de Virgilio schrieb:
> Timo Juhani Lindfors ha scritto:
> > Francesco de Virgilio <fradev...@gmail.com> writes:
> >> Now, I respect everyone's work, I respect the *great* idea of Free
> >> Software as freedom to develop, but could all these ideas be merged
> into
> >> one? It'll be great to have a single application for OpenStreetMap
> >> mappers which does *all* this things, possibly configurable.
> > I understand your thoughts.
> Thanks :)
> I understood voicenote was a shell
> > script. I could not extend it since I needed to use C for doing the
> > voice detection.
> > I did search freshmeat, google, apt-cache search for a dictaphone but
> > could not find anything that'd simply record when I speak.
> This could be avoided. Today, voicenote needs a good GUI. If we want to
> integrate voicenote ad monologue without rewriting anything, we have
> just one possibility: to use a GUI.
> I was thinking to an interface written simply in PyGtk which handles
> both the softwares, showing to user 2 options:
> 1) normal georeferred recording: possible with voicenote; GPS chip is ON
> 2) recording only on speak: we could start monologue through GUI; GPS
> chip is OFF
> 3) georeferred recording on speak: we start monologue; python talks with
> GPSD, catch coordinates, and insert them in recorded file's metadata.
> GPS chip is ON
> So, if we can't merge the code, we could create one GUI to use
> all the recording software, givin to user the possibility to choose the
> option according to battery state (if the battery is low, user could
> turn off GPS and use option 2).
> I think to have such PyGtk skills, but I'm busy for university until
> April :(

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