El vie, 27-02-2009 a las 09:08 +0100, kimaidou escribió:
> @jorge : great news ! I have read to python code, and I don't see
> where you specify the rate and quality of the recorded wav file ?
------------------------begin cut & paste info------------
    def cbRecordStart(self, w):
#        os.system("arecord -r 8000 -c 1 -v -t wav `date
+/home/root/rec-m-%Y%m%d%H%M%S.wav` &")
        os.system("arecord -D hw -f cd  -v -r 8000 -t wav ~/voicenote_
$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M).wav &")
-f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/voip-handset.state restore")

    def cbRecordStop(self, w):
-f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/gsmhandset.state restore")
        os.system("killall -TERM arecord")  
------------------------end cut & paste info------------

> Other question : have you followed the discussion to merge the 2 other
> audio recording applications "Monologue" and "Dictator" ?
> Kimaidou
Note : English is not my native language ... ,be patient

Some time ago I go to a small city of my country (vacations) .
I plain to map this for openstreetmap .( there are a blank area)
This  city don't have good images from yahoo then I only can use
gps traces from my Neo . I use voice recording for this job. When
I return to home I join a lot o files and do the work. I can tell
you some conclusions about using voice recording for mapping. 

1) I drive my car and tap my Neo to set a POI ( point of intererest ) .
But there is no map at all from the zone then I put a POI in ever cross
of ways and I need to record (voice) the name of the streets and other
info. This work needs a separate screen with only a big button because
we can check the screen to often.
2) While I seting POIs tapping my neo I recording a big wav , but when I
return to home I need to correlate this info with my GPS traces.Second
recomendation : put full date and time to the filename of voice
recording to better correlation including SECONDS.
3) I allway record my gps traces because  I put this on inittab :
gp2:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/cgpxlogger -i 1 > `date +/home/root/gps-%Y%m%d
%H%M%S.gpx | tee /var/run/gpslog`
But when I put all info into the openstreetmap editor (JOSM) the
starting time from .gpx and .wav are different and I need to make
adjustments . It's a lot more easy if we start at same time the
recording of both info. I put a killall cgpxlogger when I start the
recording of voice beacause in my config the process restart.
3b) additionally to previous recomendation if we don't  have a GPS fix
when we start to recording then we have problems later so check this
before start an inform.

I can check monologue because I make my try before but I like it.

Saludos , Jorge

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