kimaidou wrote:
> I am running SHR testing, and I am trying to display the keyboard with a
> very short press on AUX (like under Hackable:1). To map the keys, I use
> illume configuration : Input > Key binding. I have not found with google
> and wiki search how to display the keyboard, such as when clicking on
> the icon "qwerty".

The illume keyboard supports the matchbox protocol that works over x11
xevents, that's why I've written this small c program [1] that basically
sends the "_MB_IM_INVOKER_COMMAND" x-atom that can control the illume
(and matchbox) keyboard.

You can try this binary too, simply run "illume-kbd-show" to show the
keyboard it and "illume-kbd-show -k" to hide it.

Using that code as base we could also use the ecore_x keyboard atoms
(_E_VIRTUAL_KEYBOARD*) to select the keyboard to be used and so on...


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