kimaidou wrote:
> Thanks very much for sharing your tool !
> I am using SHR + Illume, and I would like to make the illume keyboard
> appear when short clicking on AUX. So I went to the Illume configuration
> --> Input --> Key Bindings, and added the command
> "/home/root/Scripts/illume-kbd-show" on the Aux press.

Yes, I did that too.

> This works well, but I cannot use the same Aux button to hide the
> keyboard. The best for that would be that your script first test wether
> the keyboard is displayed or not, and display / hide it depending on the
> "display" status. Do you think it is possible ?

Really? I don't know if you're using the latest binary (or if I've
uploaded the correct one :P), but it sends by default the "toggle"
command; using that the keyboard shows when it's hidden and hides when
it's shown... It works well to me.
You can try it from ssh too.

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