Hi all,

as previously announced on freeyourphone.de here is my enhanced TangoGPS
that I used exclusively for geocaching since I received my FR about a year
ago. Due to time constraints I will not be able to keep up its separate
development from mainline tangogps anymore, and since my changes havn't been
included since 0.9.5 I'd rather have them published raw as they might be now
than forget about them.

Main features I added are the ability to do complete paperless geocaching
along with several small fixes:
- map tiles are scaled from a lower level if they are missing in current
- coloured tracks based on height/speed/...
- in the scripts folder, there is a script to convert PocketQueries to a
- a script to upload fieldnotes of found caches to ease logging

As I haven't received any official reply to my request to geocaching.com to
allow inclusion of their icons, one has to manually do so - see the script
in the pixmaps dir  <hint,hint>

Sorry documentation is lacking, but at least you have the code, and most of
the features should be self-explanatory.
The binary is UNTESTED, as my FR is still getting BUZZ-fixed...

Feel free to include or enhance any of this, and I'd be very happy to
receive your feedback - but please keep in mind this is my first (and after
all, I hope my last) GTK coding attempt when judging the code ;-)


Temporary address of storage with all the code & screenshots ( if you have
the webspace, feel free to mirror )

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