D. Fett wrote:
> Hans Zimmerman wrote:
>> D. Fett wrote:
>>> "Notify the community mailing list."
>>> (http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Applications) 
>>> Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux has all important features to make
>>> your
>>> geocaching life easier:
>>> - download geocaches for offline use with full text, hints & images on
>>> your
>>> freerunner
>>> - map view with icons for nearby geocaches (uses openstreetmaps and
>>> tangogps
>>> map directory, downloades missing tiles automatically)
>>> - search the internal database for geocaches by name or type
>>> - target selection: selected geocache, one of its waypoints or manual
>>> input
>>> more at http://www.opkg.org/package_268.html
>> Testing the latest version 0.1.2:
>> - I do not seem to get a GPS fix (other GPS applications do get a fix)
>> - I try do download caches, the console does show some caches are 
>> downloaded (I recognize names from the neighbourhood) but they are not 
>> shown on the map.
> Hans, please test the new package. I did not experience problems with GPS
> fix in 0.1.2, but maybe restarting the app can help. 
> The second bug you describe was indeed there. Should work by now.

I both upgraded shr-unstable and AGTL and everything is working great now!


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