Neil Jerram wrote:
> 2009/12/9 arne anka <>:
>> not to belittle the effort -- but in what respect will it be different
>>  from navit?
>> would it be worth a consideration to use navit's engine, maybe improving
>> it and add a new efl based interface?
> Good question.
> For me the frustrating thing about navit is that it doesn't share maps
> with tangogps.  So:
> - if you do consider helping navit instead, please consider enhancing
> it to use the same maps as tangogps
> - if you continue with your own project, please consider making it use
> the same maps as tangogps.

I don't think that this would be a good choice at all.
Tangogps uses png pictures with no routing information within these
files. For a navigation application you need vector images to determine
the path for routing. And the data for maybe a whole country in png and
for all zoom levels would be a few gigabyte with tens of thousands of
files. Compared to the vector format navit uses which is only a few
hundred megabytes in one file. And it could be rendered in all zoom
levels because it is in vector format.
So if something should be changed, than it should be tangogps and
allother apps that uses png files to use a vector format like navit does
which is way better for this purpose.


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