Screenshots from rev4 [1] [2]

I've made a new keyboard, built specifically for the Hackable:1 distro. 
I can supply the source if someone wants to build a package for SHR or 
QTMoko. Before that, though, it needs a severe face-lift, if anybody is 
willing to help me on that front. My specialty is basically everything 
but making it look pretty. A simple E-based design would be nice...

To use it, you must execute the binary within the same directory as the 
"words" dictionary directory [3]. The source is here [4], but keep in 
mind that the current algorithm doesn't use nearly all of the files in 
the tarball. Most of the algorithm is in t9_list.cpp and numpad.cpp.

If you have H:1 I encourage you to try it out and give me feedback.

-Tony McKeehan [5]


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