On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 16:44, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
<seba.d...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 14:07, Petr Vanek <van...@penguin.cz> wrote:
>> P> Perhaps some remaining users and developers
>> P> from others FreeRunner distributions will be persuaded by the result
>> P> to also migrate to SHR.
>> and that would be a good thing? not sure everybody would want to reboot
>> everytime after gprs usage [1] and not have sent sms storage [2],[3]...
>> Petr
>> [1] http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/474
>> [2] http://trac.shr-project.org/trac/ticket/231
>> [3] http://trac.shr-project.org/trac/ticket/386
> WTF? Sent sms storage is implemented for quite long time... They are
> just displayed together with incoming ones, as there is no different
> view for sent messages yet.
> And thanks for reminding us about 386, it probably should be closed now :)

Ok, looked at that ticket more carefully and edited it. But still, it
doesn't make your point valid ;)

And that strange GPRS issue (which is even more strange to me, because
I never had that on my FR :x) is going to be resolved soon with
ogsmd->fsogsmd transition (which is also going to give us nice
performance boost)

(But I don't think it's good to have everyone using one distro. Of
course as SHR developer I would like more users, but as free software
developer in general I think it's really important to have choice. And
to not spread FUD :P)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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