>> WTF? 

Not necessary here IMHO.

>>Sent sms storage is implemented for quite long time... They are
>> just displayed together with incoming ones, as there is no different
>> view for sent messages yet.
>> And thanks for reminding us about 386, it probably should be closed
>> now :)

thanks for reopening the bug for the missing view. i am testing this
now and for some reason i can receive sms from other people, i can also
send sms and yes, can see them in the inbox (great, thank you) but when
sending sms to myself, never seem to receive (or perhaps just see?) the
message in inbox. this led me to the conclusion sent messages are not
saved because for a message from me to me i can see just one message
and not two. this is on shr-u, upgraded today.

>And that strange GPRS issue (which is even more strange to me, because
>I never had that on my FR :x) is going to be resolved soon with
>ogsmd->fsogsmd transition (which is also going to give us nice
>performance boost)

just because you never had it does not mean it doesn't exist. i know
about the ogsmd->fsogsmd transition and am eagerly waiting for it,
holding by breath and wishing Mickey will manage to have it done before
jumping to his other duties.

strangely enough, i didn't have the GPRS issue for some time before
Christmas, now it bites every time i use gprs.

> And >to not spread FUD :P)

looking at the tickets (reopened and existing), i am aware of being
constructively critical but not FUD spreading.



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