On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 20:03, Iain B. FIndleton <ifindle...@videotron.ca> wrote:
> After many spent hours trying to get wifi and bluetooth up and running
> on SHR-U, I am about to conclude that these features just do not
> work.
> Wifi, after doing the bind and module reload things, works for about 10
> pings, then appears to just stop, hanging the USB connection as well.
> Bluetooth, after trying to install bluez4 and encountering installation
> errors relating to lack of the bluetooth file in init.d, appears to do
> absolutely nothing. The mokonnect application is pretty useless to me
> for some reason, and the settings app appears to not set anything.
> Anybody actually have reliable bluetooth and/or wifi working on the
> SHR-U using the .29 kernel from last December?
> If so, what is the formula?

I didn't try bluetooth, but WiFi just works here with plain
wpa_supplicant, with open, WPA and WEP networks.
When signal is weak, "wmiconfig -i eth0 --power maxperf" is sometimes
very helpful.

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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