> > I didn't try bluetooth, but WiFi just works here with plain
> > wpa_supplicant, with open, WPA and WEP networks.
> Is "plain wpa_supplicant" the default SHR setup?  Last time I checked,
> I thought it wasn't.  I've always wondered why not, as none of the
> other options (Mofi, wicd etc.) have ever worked as well for me as
> plain wpa_supplicant.

+1 for plain wpa_supplicant in SHR
I tried several GUIs but none of them was sufficient - now I use wpa_supplicant 
(in roaming mode with config file, not dbus) and wpa_gui to configure my 

Plain wpa_supplicant has been working for me for many months now (no 
encryption, WPA(2) PSK, WEP).


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