Timo Jyrinki wrote:

> Disabling kernel debug
> features and pre-empt has resulted eg. these kind of improvements
> (from IRC, #openmoko-fi):
> - boot time 68.5% of original
> - "apt-cache search nano" 20s -> 14.8s
> - "emacs -f kill-emacs" 3.8s -> 2.2s

Here are mine numbers on QtMoko:

kernel size:
old: 1 833 952
new: 1 660 364

boot time
old: 1min 58s
new: 1min 30s

+ wihout debug stuff there is also some more RAM and it seems it will be 
possible to compile moredrivers config < 2MB and subjectively everything is 
faster. So for me this optimazations are definitely useful. 

Maybe we could remove all the stuff from gta configs and put them in another 
small file (gta02_debug_config?) so that if anybody wants to compile with debug 
options he can just copy paste this file into moredrives/packaging config and 
will easily end up with the same debug options as we have now in configs.



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