On Monday 18 January 2010 16:52:11 Helge Hafting wrote:

> Installed the kernel, and the modules.
> It did not work. Well, X came up and was nice and snappy, but
> the phone never connected to the GSM network. I tried shr-settings,
> and GSM could not be turned on!
> I tried booting several times, I tried restarting various fso daemons
> that seemed phone-related.
> Nothing helped. In the end, I flashed the latest shr-unstable kernel,
> booted, and got a GSM connection just fine. (I use shr-unstable of today.)
> Too bad this kernel didn't work, it seemed very interesting.

I don't know what is causing gsm to not register, but it's not kernel, for 

Sometimes it registers for me and sometimes it doesn't, with both standard shr 
kernel and stripped kernel.
It seems registration is more frequent with standard kernel. 
Might it be for worse performance? (some daemon which starts before another one 
with stripped kernel, for example)

For me, it seems if you let FR boot with no iteration, it almost never 
register. If you do things (f.e. open an applicaiotn) just when illume desktop 
appears on display, it's more probable to obtain a registration.

Just my experience...

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