giacomo `giotti` mariani a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> first of all I like to thank you for this excellent distro.

Thanks for using it :)

> I had a couple of problems (with only one solution):
> -I can't boot regular rev5 from uSD (the process hangs up at something
> like 95% and stays there forever) so I have to use  the developer
> version (which works well;-));

Does the user image boot from the flash ?

> -when I
>  #apt-get update
> I see that pkg-fso-keyring is expired, but giving
> #wget 
> #dpkg -i pkg-fso-keyring_2009.09.12_all.deb
> #rm pkg-fso-keyring_2009.09.12_all.deb
> all works right!

noted, thanks.


> Hope it can bu use-full to someone.
> bye bye

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