>> I had a couple of problems (with only one solution):
>> -I can't boot regular rev5 from uSD (the process hangs up at something
>> like 95% and stays there forever) so I have to use  the developer
>> version (which works well;-));
> Does the user image boot from the flash ?
> [...]
> David

Hi David,

I've never tried it and I won't, I'm sorry:  my daily phone distribution
(a QtExtended with some upgrade and "Progress 12: script
<http://www.e-dynamics.be/openmoko/qtmoko_install.sh>" by Franky) is
there and I need it as it is...
Anyway I'm helpful for testing on the uSD, just tell me.

Another "problem": I tried linphone from the repos (apt-get install
linphone, after de-installing aptitude, task and some tex* to fix
missing dependencies), but noticed it was an old release, 2.x.x IIRC (I
added the sid repository and upgraded linphone, but now I've some
problem as a presumed... lol).
Do you have some suggestion about using the VoIP with Hackable:1?
Thank you

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