Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> Brolin Empey<bro...@brolin.be>  writes:
>> in the HVSC under C64Music\Ouwehand_Reyn:
> My problem with HVSC is that it's not DFSG-free [1] so such a ringtone
> could never be included in the Debian main distribution.


I made the first 2 in 2004, when I was 17. :D  The 3rd is from some “Oh 
Noes!” Web site.  Maybe <http://ohnoes.com/>, but that is now a spam 
portal.  Apparently, “women masterbating” (sic) is somehow related to 
“Oh Noes!”. :)

Anyway, on a more serious note (pun intended!), non-DFSG-freeness does 
not matter to me:

1. I prefer Windows Vista/7 + Ubuntu over plain Debian.
2. I do not need freedoms I never use anyway.  I use a lot of both Free 
+ proprietary software, but, for my use, it would not matter if a lot of 
the Free software I use was proprietary because I do not use the 
Freedoms granted to me:  I simply use the official builds or my distro’s 
builds as-is.  Granted, open source is useful for building software for 
non-x86 Linux, such as, of course, ARM, as used on the FreeRunner and 
countless other devices.  My laptop is x86, though, so I can run 
proprietary x86-only software on it instead of on my FreeRunner.
3. I like having unique ring + alert tones.  Consequently, lack of 
inclusion in a popular distro can actually be considered beneficial! :)

> Since I
> wanted to make sure that there is at least a possibility to
> incorporate my hacks back to other users I spent a long time looking
> for a free ringtone.

If you mean you want your hacks included in distro repositories, that 
seems unnecessary because I think most Openmoko users know how to 
manually install stuff not packaged by their distro! ;)

> I eventually found some existing ones but did not
> like them much so just gave up and created a simple one myself.

If all else fails, Do It Yourself™? ;)
> [1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract

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