On Saturday 15 May 2010 17:20:02 Tomas Nackaerts wrote:

> I want to use my freerunner as a USB Mass storage device. I tried to follow
> the instructions on
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Using_the_Neo_as_an_USB_Mass_storage_device.

The problem is kernel config for QtMoko. You can build only one gadged driver 
in kernel and the one is in QtMoko USB ethernet.

The solution is to have USB ethernet and USB storage as modules. But it has 
also one downside for me as developer: you need working /lib/modules on the 
phone and which makes swapping different kernels very very difficult.

I would consider compiling etherent and mass storage as modules, but i cant 
see any real reason why anyone would need to use mass storage. It's possible 
to mount freerunner's filesystem with sshfs which is very easy to do. You can 
also setup NFS. The SD card can be formated and paritioned on freerunner.

If somebody brings up good reason why USB mass storage is needed i will make 
it possible as default in QtMoko.

Btw you can even now recompile kernel with mass storage support :)



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