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> Hello,
> SHR, and probably others too, have agps enabled by default. So i think it
> should be fairly easy to add this. I did a little research and it seems like
> all we have to do is to save the latest GPS data to a file when the GPS is 
> shut
> down and feed this data back to the GPS when starting GPS next time.
> after a little more research i found:
> "/opt/qtmoko/bin/gps-poweron.sh" and
> "/opt/qtmoko/bin/gps-poweroff.sh"
> maybe we can adjust these files? or add agps support at
> ~/qtmoko/devices/neo/src/plugins/whereabouts/neo/neogpsplugin.cpp
> unfortunately my hacking skills are not good enough for doing this myself.
> I hope somebody can implement this, or at least provide me some more
> information so i can try to implement this myself.

This sounds interesting & would be great to have.

I think gps-poweron.sh and off.sh are not used any more but 'omtools'
or 'omhacks' or whatever that basically lets you do magic with
om gps on
or something like that.. Someone will very likely correct me soon :)

That's all I can say.

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