Eric Smith <> writes:
> I am considering using the Freerunner as a mobile gateway to track
> GPS on a vehicle and to receive data from wireless sensors in the 
> vehicle and send the sensor data and GPS data through GPRS.
> We may need to plug a customised wireless device into the freerunner
> usb. An external GSM and GPS antenna will be used. The device will 
> have to run reliably and be robust for 8 to 12 weeks, so that means 
> a customised battery.
> Power use efficiency means putting keeping the device in low-power 
> consumption mode for most of the time and waking every 30 minutes 
> (say) for polling and transmitting.
> Has anyone implemented such a solution or has ideas about feasibility?

I've done something similar except that I didn't use an external GSM

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