On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 03:19:16PM +0200, Eric Smith wrote:
> Main application here is in a sea shipping container.
> The key issues are RF communication (when in a GSM range of course) 
> and power management due to the long haul journey including journey 
> overland. Power supply has to be in the form of an additional battery.
> Technical issue is to have minimal size OS and to be low in power
> consumption.  And robust.

If you sleep and only wake up at intervals, you should anticipate some
difficulty acquiring a GPS signal every time you wake up. The GPS in
the Freerunner is really designed to make use of A-GPS and if you can't
do it because you are at sea and far from any network signal, it can
take a long time to get a position. We have sometimes seen it take over
40 minutes to get a good fix (unit mounted on an aircraft glareshield).


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