2011/6/8 Radek Polak <pson...@seznam.cz>:
> Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:
>> Looking for documentation on qtMoko, I found that the wiki is spammed.
>> Is there any cleanning process in progress? What is the policy? With a
>> fresh wiki login, I'm (naturally) not able to drop pages. Can someone
>> give me enought priviledge to delete pages? I can also simply rename
>> all identified page in order to add "SPAM" prefix: current priviledge
>> are enough and wiki's administrator will then be able to easily check
>> and drop pages.
> If you tell me username, i can give you admin rights. I never wanted to mess
> with wiki and i thought that community can keep it in decent, but i was
> obviously wrong :(


> It would be really nice to block the wiki so that only registered and maybe
> approved users could contribute. I wonder if that could be arranged from the
> wiki admin area or if we need Fabio who is hosting wiki and owns qtmoko.org
> domain.

I previously managed a mediawiki by myself. But as spare time is
missing, I was really happy to discover that SourceForge offers such
service. Now, the mediawiki instance of viking is the one deployed and
managed by SourceForge. Only SourceForge users can edit, if wiki admin
give write permissions.

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