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> Curious about your ideas,

If I were thinking about joining the group tour, I'd be waiting for
confirmation from the early adopters that the device really worked as a phone.
The freerunner was plagued with little hardware bugs which meant various bits
didn't quite work perfectly.  I wouldn't want to repeat that.

Clearly most of the hardware does work and calls can be made but as a
potential purchaser I would want to be hearing things like:

 - I used my gta04 to call my girl friend and she didn't complain about the
   sound quality.
 - I can browse the web over UMTS and it is quite usable
 - I only need to charge the battery every other day.

That last one is the biggest hole in our story currently.  We have no
evidence that we can achieve appropriate power saving.  I suspect we can but
as yet we cannot demonstrate it.  If I were buying I'd wait until it
could be demonstrated.

Others probably think very differently to me, but that I what I would be


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