On Friday, May 11, 2012 01:06:02 PM Patryk Benderz wrote:

> [cut]
> > https://wiki.maliit.org/Main_Page
> Radek, I really appreciate your great work but Mallit keyboard on
> screenshot above looks much better. I know FR's screen is very small, so
> it might appear not very useful, but maybe it could be implemented?

I can implement custom layouts to it, but i'd rather start with something 
simple and then add features - even keyboard without custom layouts is a lot 
of work... I will either do qtmoko v45 without layouts and then v46 with 
layouts or v45 with layouts - if it does not take too much time.

As for the mallit keyboard and all other keyboards - i dont think anything but 
fullscreen keyboard can comfortably work on FR/GTA04. The display is small and 
the bevel around it makes it even smaller - you cant use fingers to touch near 
edges. These keyboards are designed for smarthones with 4 inch display and no 

Btw i am very happy with the current fullscreen keyboard - i think it beats 
all onscreen keyboards i have ever used.


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