> Hi Alon,
> Funny, i never known that it was capable of waking from power down, i always 
> wake from suspend.
> There is no need tot test the init 0 scenario, powering down from u-boot is a 
> real powerdown.
> Anyhow, rtcwake has a mode disable, which should disable the RTC alarms.
> See man rtcwake for more info
> Kind regards,
> Ed

Hello Ed,

Thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately the man command doesn't work with rtcwake on the phone
(but does with other software, e.g. 7zr). A specific command to try
would be very helpful. On the desktop running as root "rtcwake -m show"
shows the alarms that are on (but this command does not work on the
phone, specifically on QtMoko v26).

I noticed the issue regarding the phone turning itself on was reported
in Android on Freerunner's bug tracker here:

trevi55 suggested to switch off alarms and update hardware clock. I'll
try this (using "echo -e "W\n" > /var/spool/at/trigger").



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