Am 02.06.2012 um 12:44 schrieb Glenn:

> Somebody has apparently "overclocked" (some?) newer GTA04 based phones? ;-)
> Quote: "...
> TI DM3730 with 800 1000 MHz
> ..."

you have good eyes :)

Well, someone has found that we can order the Texas Instruments
DM3730CBP100 to compare with the "standard" 800 MHz version
at some higher cost.

So we have built a handful of boards for the complete variant.
This means that the CPU of this device can be officially run at 1 GHz.

But all OMAP3 CPUs can be overclocked. I think there are descriptions
for the BeagleBoard XM and the OpenPandora going up by 30% or more.

Note that the operation voltage has to be adjusted and power
demand may rise. And, the system may run for hours but suddenly
a single bit may fail... The crash may be harmless or harmul depending
on which bit it is (it could be for a file system superblock just being 

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