I have found a good reference on how to best handle I2C cabling. It's a PowerPoint Presentation from Texas Instruments, I made a screenshot of the relevant image:


As I suspected, only one end of the shield gets grounded, individual coaxes for SCL and SDA.

Google I2C cable issues.ppt to find the original document as the first hit.

Now I have to source some extremely tiny minature coax, ideally with a solid core (for easier soldering to the pads on the NavBoard and the GTA02). Looking for recommendations, ideally something I can order from Digi-Key, Newark or Mouser in smaller quantities (it's not like a need a 1,000 foot roll!).

It's not clear IF the power supply wires should be shielded. I think I will try to see if it makes a difference for the GPS.


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