Am 07.02.2013 um 14:36 schrieb Pascal Gosselin:

> Yesterday I was able to confirm that the installation of the Golden Delicious 
> NavBoard V3 very seriously degrades the performance of GPS when using the 
> built-in GPS antenna.  Getting a 3D fix is taking over 20 minutes on average 
> using the built-in GPS antenna.  When using an external GPS antenna, the 
> issue goes away and an unaided GPS cold start can be achieved in about 41 to 
> 44 seconds.

Or can it be that the U.FL cable for the GPS antenna module is broken?

I know that it is a weak point of the Openmoko antenna module design, but it 
can be repaired by cutting off the broken end and resoldering. If the cable 
becomes too short, get a precrimped 100mm U.FL - U.FL jumper cable and cut in 
the middle.

In that case it could be that after mounting everyting, the LNA of the GPS 
Module is no longer working and you loose >20dB of
signal amplification.

You can easily check by measuring the DC-voltage at the GPS Module. Or the 
resistance at the U-FL end of the cable (should read ~50 Ohm).


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