Nick <> wrote:

> Any more hints as to what "additional freedom enhancements" you have 
> planned?

* Pirelli DP-L10 has a bunch of extra chips supporting the WiFi/VoIP
  and camera functions, chips for which there are no docs.  I won't be
  using any chips without docs in my design.  The WiFi/VoIP function
  is something I have no interest in at all (thus no plan of providing
  any hw for that), and the first version won't have a camera either.

* The RF front end in my design will be quad-band; Pirelli is tri-band
  (2EU+1US) just like Om.  More GSM bands = freedom to travel to more
  parts of the world with the device.

* I plan on connecting the USB-serial chip (probably CP2102, same as
  Pirelli) to Calypso's MODEM UART, i.e., the more hw-capable out of
  the two.  In the existing Pirelli hw it is connected to the IrDA
  UART, i.e., the less capable one.  I would like to offer both RVTMUX
  and the traditional AT command interface over this USB-serial port,
  and TI's code wants to use the MODEM UART for CSD, not IrDA.
  (Pirelli's fw does not provide an AT command interface, only some
  proprietary i/f for their Weendoze PC software, built on top of TI's


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