On 2014-06-06 15:57, Maelvon HAWK wrote:
I have a GTA04 and want to run an application in Qtmoko with Qx, but
I've no mouse pointer at all. Is that normal?

I think it is normal. How would a visible mouse pointer help you? - given that nothing will happen until you touch the screen, and then it will be the position of your touch that controls what happens.

I've tested Qx with

I see some threads talking about tslib and evdev but I do not see much
on the list

And as the application have a Qt4 GUI, I'm asking myself if I can run
it directly in Qtmoko, but I don't known how!

Unfortunately, no, because the Qt4 application is still probably expecting to output to an X server, and native QtMoko uses a different display server. To run directly in QtMoko, at least a rebuild will be needed, within the QtMoko build environment, and possibly a little porting work too.

Thanks in advance,

Maelvon HAWK


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