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> Hi all,
> FOSDEM is over and I am leaving for the airport in 10 minutes :(
> FOSDEM was an as interesting experience as every time.
> Many people to meet, many talks, (too) many topics in
> parallel... You have to decide how to spend time and know
> in advance that you miss 90% of important things.
> Unfortunately I didn't notice any talk, booth, presentation,
> material to mention OpenMoko. Except some people who did remember
> when we came into talking. But as said I haven't been everywhere :)
> So if anyone did see something, please share.

OpenMoko was mentioned near the end of FOSDEM at a Birds of Feather phone 
development event that was organized ad-hoc on Saturday:


It was focused on Purism as the most recent contender to the title of a free 
software phone, but the conversation was really about other platforms, as you 
might guess from the post.

There were people present involved with Purism, Jolla, Postmarket OS, Maemo, 
Mer, but also Fairphone and Plasma Mobile (sorry about those I forgot). 
Personally, I regret not meeting any people from Pyra, OpenMoko, ZeroPhone or 
Replicant, but I hope that at FOSDEM was an anomaly and that the community is 
not splitting in half :)

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