Salam Abdul Hafiz,

Thanks for your positive feedback and for these resources. If you have
any time, and are interested in contributing to the project, you may
consider looking through the message board
( and helping us with
correcting and improving the grammatical annotation for the Quran.

Thanks again.


-- Kais

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> Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2010 9:21:41 PM
> To: Kais Dukes
> Salaam brother,
> I hope you are in the best of health.
> I was directed to your website via the forum, and i am 
> deeply impressed by your work.
> May Allah bless you and reward you handsomely both in this life and the next. 
> Allah has said that those who strive in his path will be rewarded 
> tremendously in the Hereafter, and i am sure you will be one of those.
> My Name is Abdul Hafiz and i am currently studying advanced Islamic studies 
> at a Darul Uloom in the UK. I am in the 5th out of 6 years, and will be doing 
> advanced Hadith studies next year. This year, i am doing Advanced Quran 
> Studies. If i can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
> To continue, i am emailing you to provide you with a resource i hope you will 
> find successful. You have said in your interview with the Muslim Post that 
> you are working on referencing the pronouns in your work.
> I believe this is not possible without first understanding the 
> Asbaab-un-nozool of the verses of the Quran. For this, i would sincerely 
> recommend the work لُبَابُ النّقول في أسْبَاب النّزول
> by . للشيخ الامام العلامة حافظ عصره ووحيد دهرهأبي الفضل جلال الدين عبد الرحمن 
> ابي بكر
> السيوطي
> It can be downloaded from
> I would also recommend you go through tafsir jalalayn, which can be found 
> here: 
> May Allah bless you in your work.
> Wasslaam
> Abdul Hafiz

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