Salam Bayan,

Yes you are right the QA data base should be only built on official / trusted sources.

Fortunately , the website I mentioned is owned and directed by Mohammad Saleh Al-Munjid, a famous and respected scholar.


Quoting Bayan Shawar <>:

Salam Kais,
in fact we will face one important problem: not all these answers are right, so we could not trust any website, we should be sure who sent the fatwa. I found some QA, but i am sure not all answers are right, i read some and i found it nonsense.
You can have a look at:

But do not trust the answers source, some answers are totally not right in my opinion.

Or we may collect the QA then we show it to a scholar to select he correct ones.

I will try to find more,
Best wsihes,
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From: Kais Dukes <>
Subject: Re: Advice Required - Dialog System for the Quran
To: "Bayan Shawar" <>
Date: Saturday, 27 February, 2010, 21:25
Hello Bayan,

I think this sounds very exciting and interesting. As a
first step, I
would like to discuss how we can put together a list of
questions (and
hopefully answers) related to the Quran, ideally with each
entry in
the list linked to a specific verse which contains the
answer. You
mentioned - I wonder if you (or others) are
aware of any
online sources for questions and answers as well as this,
that we
could use to compile the QA knowledge base?

Kind Regards,

- Kais Dukes

Language Research Group
School of Computing
University of Leeds - The Quranic Arabic Corpus
- Computational Quranic Arabic discussion list

> On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 7:16 PM, Bayan Shawar <>
> Dear Kais,
>  This will be agreat idea, i may help you in this. I
used the Qur'an before to train the chatbot. I took all
verses in arabic and English. However the idea was not as
the one you suggested because my database was only the
qur'an without interpretation. So when you ask a question
about Islam, an answer would be obtained from the Qur'an
verse, so the answer is the verse that match least frequent
> At that time i used some of Islamin questions obtained
from, and other islamic sites. Then i asked
muslims and non muslims to evalute if the answeres obtained
were related, partially related or non.
> Now, are you goinf to use the English version of the
Qur'an as the sourse of your answer, or as i understood we
would like to obtain an answer as you mentioned then we
could refer the user to verse number and soora in Qur'an. In
this cae in additin to questions, what will be your databse:
is it a structure database as QA as the one found in TREC.
Just if you could provide me with an image of how your
corpus is structured. Then i can use this corpus to feed the
chatbot with, and we can try to use this chatbot as a QA and
see how resuts will be, and i will try to modify it or build
it from scratch.
> Eric and me was discussing such idea last July, but i
was not have enough time, now you raise up the idea to
surface again, and i will be happy to work on it.
> looking forward o hearing from you for further
cooperation, if you have any question, let me know please.
> Best wishes,
> Bayan
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>> From: Kais Dukes <>
>> Subject: Advice Required - Dialog System for the
>> To:
>> Date: Saturday, 27 February, 2010, 20:46
>> Hello Members of the Computational
>> Quran Mailing List,
>> Current research in the Quranic Arabic Corpus
>> involves:
>> - Morphological annotation
>> - Syntactic annotation
>> - Ontology of Quranic Concepts (towards a
>> representation of the Quran)
>> As well as extending the morphological and
>> annotation of the
>> Quran, I am keen to start thinking about a later
stage of
>> this
>> research. The final (long-term) aim of this
project is to
>> build an
>> intelligent expert question-answering system. An
>> might be:
>> ==========================
>> Question:
>> How long should I breastfeed my child for?
>> Answer:
>> "Mothers may breastfeed their children two
complete years
>> for whoever
>> wishes to complete the nursing [period]."
>> - Source: The Holy Quran, verse (2:233).
>> ==========================
>> Such a system would allow general website users to
>> simple
>> questions, and get back answers based on facts
contained in
>> verses of
>> the Quran. As a first step to constructing such a
system, I
>> am keen to
>> get hold of a large list of questions (and
>> answers) backed
>> by verses of the Quran. I would like to ask the
members of
>> this
>> mailing list advice on building together a list of
>> questions
>> (e.g. several hundred or several thousand
questions that
>> people might
>> commonly ask). Does anybody have any suggestions
for online
>> (or other
>> resources) for Islamic questions and answers,
>> with all the
>> answers directly as verses of the Quran?
>> It would also be great to hear ideas on how a
>> dialog system
>> of the Quran might approach - or even any ideas
>> dialog systems
>> in general.
>> Looking forward to any responses. Please feel free
to reply
>> directly
>> to the mailing list (just hit reply all).
>> Kind Regards,
>> - Kais Dukes
>> Language Research Group
>> School of Computing
>> University of Leeds
>> - The Quranic Arabic Corpus
>> - Computational Quranic Arabic discussion list

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