That is an excellent question! The short answer, is no, there is no simple
way to get these counts from the current data we have annotated. However, we
do plan in the future inshallah to annotate Arabic verb patterns (*wazn* and
*baab*) for each word in the Quran where this makes sense. I'm afraid that
this isn't being annotated at present.

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-- Kais Dukes

Language Research Group
School of Computing
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> 2010/4/11 Fazlul Haque <>

> Dear Brother,
> From your research, is it possible to know how many verbs are there in the
> Quran in the Verb Construction (    علي وزن  ) Form افعال- تفعيل - تفاعل -
> تفعل - انفعال
> I need to know their Verb Root ie    المصدر   count separately including
> the list of those *Masdar*
> Your Brother in Islam
> M. Fazlul Haq

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