Salam Ahmed,

I don't know much about python. But I have forwarded your e-mail to the
comp-quran mailing list, Inshallah someone will be able to help you!


-- Kais

From: Ahmed 
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Subject: Python with Quranic Arabic Corpus Help
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Salmo alikom
Hi kais,

I'm student and now i trying to build Quranic Arabic  search program with
python and Quran Corpus but i'm beginer at python and nltk

I work on Quran corpus  at the link<> which
build on that format
# Format: <chapter> | <verse> | <word> | <token> | <part-of-speech>

Now  i need your help in finding all verse in selected chapter then all word
in selected (chapter,word)

i start to seprate them with code like

path ='D:\\quran\quranic-corpus-text-0.1.txt')

ar = {}
arabic, encoding='utf-8')

line = arabic.readline()
while line!='':
   tmp = line.splitlines('|')
   ch= tmp[0]
   v = tmp[1]

   line = arabic.readline()

but that way can't work yet also i think there are another easy way to do
that so if you can please help or advice

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