Solution :

 After many hours of searching & researching , I have finally got the
following hardware & software to perform SMTP authentication with Yahoo
email ;

 Hardware :

 Apple Macintosh SE/30 128Mb, 2.0Gb with Asante NIC

 Software :

 OS :

 Apple Mac OS 7.5.5
(Upgraded from Apple Mac OS 7.5.3 & Upgrade to Open Transport 1.1.2)

Application :

 Eudora v3.0 Pro
(Upgraded from Eudora v3.0 Pro to v3.1.3)

 Utilities :

Baton Mail

Procedural Method :

 1. Install Apple Mac OS 7.5.3 onto the Apple Mac SE/30

 2. Install Apple Mac OS 7.5.5 onto the Apple Mac SE/30 (Upgrade 7.5.3 to

3. Install Open Transport v1.1.2 onto the Apple Mac SE/30

 4. Install Baton Mail v0.9.7.1b (Previous Version, Not Current Version)

 5. Install Eudora Pro v3.0

 Resources :

 Apple Mac OS 7.5.3 :

 Apple Mac OS 7.5.5 :

 Apple Open Transport v1.1.2 :

 Baton Mail v0.9.7.1b :

 Observations :

 I found that the latest version of Baton Mail (Current Version)
to be unstable & the (Previous Version) to more stable with Apple
Mac OS 7.5.5 & Open Transport v1.1.2.

I have also noticed that when using Baton Mail that when you
select "Status" from the Pull Down Menu "File" & it displays the Status of
the operation that Baton Mail is performing - You cannot select any other
icons - My only work around was to select "Status" again & leave Baton
Mail to bring up the Status Window.

Also when configuring Baton Mail, I found I needed to enter the details
into the Default Configuration & not use the Account Profile Configuration
feature - which normally works, when running on Apple Mac OS 7.6.1.

Upgrading to Open Transport v1.1.2, seems to allow Baton Mail v0.9.8.1b &
v0.9.7.1b to run on Apple Mac OS 7.5.5, although the earlier version is
more stable.

Also I have noticed that when you upgrade from Eudora Pro v3.0 to v3.1.3,
that some of the configuration entries are changed & therefore the
confguration settings detailed below are applicable to Pro v3.0 & not
v3.1.3 - Although if you are upgrading this will not be a problem, which
it will be if installing v3.1.3 directly without upgrading.

 Configuration :

 The following assumes that you are using Yahoo Mail as the email (pop &
smtp) provider, you will need to refer to your email provider & make
appropiate changes to the configuration as required ;

 Baton Mail v0.9.7.1b :

 Account : Default

 Name : Default


 SMTP Server :

 SMTP Port : 25

 Auth Type : SMTP

 User Name : <username>

 Password : <password>

 Eudora v3.0 Pro :

 Getting Started :

  POP account : <username>

  Real Name : <realname> or <displayname>

  Connection Method TCP/IP

 Personal Information :

  POP Account : <username>

  Real Name : <realname> or <displayname>

  Return Address : <username>

 Hosts :

  POP Account : <username>

  SMTP : localhost

  Enable : Overlap POP3 commands for better Performance

 Checking Mail :

  POP Account : <username>

  Enable : Check for mail every XX minutes

  Enable : Leave on server for xx days

  Enable : Send on check

  Enable : Delete from server when empted from trash

  Enable : Overlap POP3 commands for better performance.

  Authentication : APOP

 Sending Mail :

  Return Address : <username>

  SMTP Server : localhost

  Enable : Immediate Send

  Enable : Send on Check

  Enable : Word Wrap

  Enable : Fix Curly Quotes

  Enable : Use Quoted-Printable

  Enable : Keeps Copies of Outgoing mail

 Toolbar :

  Disable : Show Toolbar

 Conclusion :

 I hope this may be os use to you, since it's taken me ages to work out how
to get this to work without the "Timebomb" issue.

 Look forward to your response.



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