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On Dec 19, 2005, at 14.01, J Worgan wrote:

Can data and programs be sent via modem to microphone input and recorded on
a cassette or reel to reel tape recorder?
Well, in theory... After all, the data is analog audio, *the* most compatible format on the planet. But I suppose the question here is why. And the biggest trick would be getting your computer to output data over the modem line. I remember just trying to get my old Linux desktop to act as a dial-up-to-broadband bridge, and that was practically impossible.

Then loaded through modem input from the cassette or reel to reel tape
recorder output?
Again, this is going to require massive amounts of tinkering and hacking to get your modem to do any of this.

What modem output wires need to be used (or not used) or adapter to
accomplish this?
Just Google for "telephone pin out" or "RJ-10 pin-out"

What modem input wires need to be used (or not used) or adapter to
accomplish this?
See above.

What modifications of modem software need to be made, if any?
Ahh, good, the hardest part right here. I suppose you'd need a whole new program designed from scratch to just send raw data out through the modem. It, to me, sounds like a rather large project, since not only would you have to design the software to get the modem to send/ receive data, but you'd also have to design software to either take the data files and send them over the modem, and a program to do vise versa.

Would it be simpler to send it via modem to a telephone and record it off
that phone?
Possibly, but probably not. You still have to deal with controlling the modem directly for sending of raw data.

Could it be played back over the phone and uploaded via a modem?
Well, we might just have a loss of too much quality, going from computer to phone to cassette to phone to computer. Again, if this is any simpler than the original plan, only marginally so.

If any pair of the above (output and input) can be done to a tape recoder, then could it be digitized and burned onto a CD, possibly loaded from a CD
player audio output?
Now this sounds like the easiest thing right here. Cassette to CD and using the CD to load sounds like no problem. However, if you're planning on compressing the data using a lossy encoder (AAC, MP3, Vorbis, etc.) then be *very* careful. Compression like that is the reason TiVo has a lot of problems working with VoIP phone lines. However a lossless codec (FLAC, Apple Lossless) should have no problem. Taking that into account, you could just store all your data onto your iPod.

This right here, though, opens up an entirely new option that sounds a lot easier than anything you were planning. If the inevitable destination is a CD, why not just try going straight from your data file to a CD. That can be done all in software without any major problems, I'm guessing. I know there's a lot of Commodore PET/64 and Apple ][/][e fans out there who are probably doing the same thing right now (I'm guessing this is what you want to do).

But this doesn't mean you can just tack a .wav of .aiff extension to your data file and burn it. You have to take into account the data transfer speeds and all of that. Try googling around for such a program. It'll probably prove more useful than your complex phone line set-up.
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