> From: Kichigai Mentat

> > Can data and programs be sent via modem to microphone input and  
> > recorded on a cassette or reel to reel tape recorder?

> Well, in theory... After all, the data is analog audio, *the* most  
> compatible format on the planet. But I suppose the question here is  
> why.

 I had a buddy with some DSP background try to use ordinary cassette
tapes as a backup medium. Turns out that with things like AGC (automatic
gain control), and the normal wow and flutter of a standard tape deck,
etc., the possible data rates were just too low to bother, and nowhere
near what could be done with a modem.

> I remember just trying to get my old Linux  
> desktop to act as a dial-up-to-broadband bridge, and that was  
> practically impossible.

 Funny, that shouldn't be much of a problem. Oh, well.

> Ahh, good, the hardest part right here. I suppose you'd need a whole  
> new program designed from scratch to just send raw data out through  
> the modem.

 Yeah, and the modem expects replies from the receiving end, too; it's
not just going to play the sound into a tape recorder.

> Now this sounds like the easiest thing right here. Cassette 
> to CD and using the CD to load sounds like no problem.

 Far better to skip the cassette part and just burn the data onto CD.
That way you skip a lossy digital->analog conversion out the sound
card. You're already going to have trouble reading in the audio data
(analog->digital) on the receiving end. Don't expect better than 12
bits of clean data, and realistically you can only count on 8, I'd
think. The sound recording hardware in most computers (particularly
older ones) isn't great. Data rates won't be terribly good.


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