>Thanks for the responses. I apologize for taking so long to reply,
>don't want to seem ungrateful.
>If possible, I'd like to save soldering as an absolute last resort.
>Haven't used an iron since the eighth grade. What would be the best
>way to remove the key cap? I'm hoping that maybe a shot of compressed
>air will blow dust out of there, otherwise I may just desolder the
>switch out, as Sean suggested.

The keycap should pull of if your careful, it goes on a + shaped spline
like the old Lego technical set stuff!

TBH I don't think you will gain much though as you really need to attempt
to dissasemble the switch, If you do want try something without desoldering
though you would be better off with contact cleaner spray or some
isopropryl achohol than air as is is more likely corrosion than dust.

Regards Sean.
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