Since there have been no responses as of yet, I thought I'd elaborate
on the problem.

I used Apple's Network Access Disk to boot the CC, then ran the
formatting software (HD SC Setup 7.3.5) and the generic 7.1 installer.
So the hard drive was wiped and a fresh system was installed. When the
system install was finished, I popped the System Enabler into the
System Folder, then restarted. Everything (but the desktop pattern)
works just fine.

When I go into the General Controls, I can cycle through the patterns,
however when I click on the little desktop, the pattern simply refuses
to change from the default grey. Now, even without a PRAM battery,
should not the pattern be able to be changed? I know that the system
is acknowledging the requests, because the hard drive will access when
I click a different pattern.

Could there be remnants of System 7.5.3 on the hard drive? Should I
run some sort of drive wiping program and try reinstalling?

Please let me know if I should provide more information, though I
can't imagine what else to say.



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