David Reveman wrote:
On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 15:58 +0000, Mike Dransfield wrote:
I am having a few problems with blur which I notice other people
are having too.

Focus blur works perfectly (although only with 4xBilinear)

Using a source blur filter with radius greater than one texel is not
currently supported as it will not work with the current decoration
interface but I plan to fix that eventually.

Its not a problem, but its good to know :)
When I start blurdemo, that works too.  The problem is that sometimes
changing the filter type crashes compiz.  If I run it under a debugger
it starts working again.  All the filter types work with blurdemo.

Any more details you can provide related to this crash would be useful.

I have just been playaing around with the options and
I have managed to replicate something similar.

Unfortunately there is not too much to go on, other than
this error.

compiz: blur: failed to load blur program

I was changing the filter from Mipmap -> Gaussian and
this error appeared, alpha blur did not work until a restart
of Compiz.  The earlier problem pointed out by Ioannis
seems related.  This time it didn't crash, just stopped

Blurset also works in that it sets the hint on the window, but the
window does not get blurred.  The only applications that work are
gnome-terminal and blurdemo.

Destination blur was only allowed on windows with an alpha channel
before but I've changed that now.

This works perfectly now, thanks.

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