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You are hereby invited to a seminar in our twelfth interdisciplinary series
on Evolution, Complexity and Cognition <>
(ECCO 2015-2016)

Time: Friday October 14, 14h-16h

Place: *room * *D.1.07*, building D, VUB

Information: Ultimate Notion Common to Computer Science, Biology and Human

*Jean-Louis Dessalles* <>

*Telecom ParisTech - Université Paris Saclay*

The notion of information is central to many separate domains, such as
information technologies, biology, evolution science, ethology,
neurosciences, language sciences, journalism and sociology. Information is
transmitted through telecommunication networks, our DNA contains genetic
information that strives to survive through generations, animal
communication and human language convey information, news are called
information and modern societies are built on informational foundations
such as myths and law. Claiming that the same notion of information can be
operational in all these sciences seems nowadays utopian. For instance,
Shannonian information fails to account for newsworthiness. A random DNA
molecule is wrongly predicted to be maximally informative if we base the
decision on Shannon information or on Kolmogorov complexity. I will
present *Simplicity
Theory* as a new framework in which these issues can be addressed. I will
show that notions like *simplicity *and *complexity drop* are close to
being able to restore information as an “ultimate notion” that can serve as
common ground in many scientific domains.


Dessalles, J.-L. (2008). *La pertinence et ses origines cognitives -
Nouvelles théories* <>*.* Paris: Hermes

Dessalles, J.-L. (2012). *Simplicity Theory (Web Site)*
<>*.* Accessible at:
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Dessalles, J.-L., Gaucherel, C. & Gouyon, P.-H. (2016). *Le fil de la vie -
La face immatérielle du vivant.* Paris: Odile Jacob.

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