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You are hereby invited to a seminar in our twelfth interdisciplinary series
on Evolution, Complexity and Cognition <>
(ECCO 2016-2017)

Time: Friday October 21, 14h-16h

Place: *room * *D.1.07*, building D, VUB

What are the mechanisms of power, and how can we organize ourselves against

*Evo Busseniers* <>

*Evolution, Cognition, and COmplexity (ECCO) group <>*
Abstract:In this seminar I explain anarchist ideas in systems science
language.  What is self-organization, and how can we organize ourselves
without controlling others?  When does an organization become a
higher-level control?  What does power mean when it is not simply a central
trait?  Propaganda of the deed and diversity of tactics make coordination
possible without a central controller, these can be explained through the
mechanisms of stigmergy and variation and selection.  A revolution happens
through cascading effects due to a positive feedback.  Anarchists strive
for a coherence between thinking (aims) and acting (methods), and between
struggles.  This can be contrasted with an (economic) determinism.
Autonomy is an important concept for anarchists, and one of the properties
of life.  An analogy between life and struggle is proposed.  How can we
make a movement more antifragile?

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