Here are the steps:

1. Get TCL. There are many "flavors" with GUI, debugger etc.
  The simplest, when you just need to run a Tk application
  is something like:

  This .exe is all you need, about 1M and without any annoyances,
  installation, registry etc.

  For simplicity: Rename tclkit-win32.upx.exe as tcl.exe

2. Get the .tcl client from CGOS.

3. Modify the .tcl script to use the 19x19 server

   # ... set server
   set server

   # ... set port   6867
   set port   6919

   No other modification is necessary.

4. Create an account in CGOS. I remember having read that when you
  use one for the first time, any name and password are valid
  and then, you have to use the same password to continue using it.

  So, for testing purposes, I use the account:

  name: testingTCL
  pass: password

5. Using gnugo for the sake of simplicity (just for the test),

  gnugo37 --mode gtp --chinese-rules --capture-all-dead

  should be a valid setting to play on CGOS.

  Remember that you will loose lots of won games if your
  program does not capture all the opponent's dead stones.

  Chinese rules is mandatory as well.

6. Create a .bat file with:

  tcl cgos3.tcl testingTCL password "E:\\GO\\PROGRAMS\\GnuGo\\gnugo37
--mode gtp --chinese-rules --capture-all-dead"

7. Run the .bat file wait for the next round. Your program should be

8. To supervise your program:

   Download cgosview.exe from

   You don't need to specify the arguments for the 19x19 server,
   that is the default so for 19x19.

   Just run:   cgosview.exe


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