> Attempting to maximize the score is not compatible with being a
> strong engine.  If you want a dan level engine it is maximizing
> win-probability.

If you narrow it down such that komi 25.5, 27.5, and 29.5 give a black
win with 63% to 67% probability, but komi 31.5 jumps to black only
winning 46%, and komi 33.5 gives black only 43%, then I think we can
score the position as black is ahead by 31pts.

If, on this number of playouts, the MCTS program is 3d, then I think it
is reasonable to say this is a 3-dan estimate of the score.  (Of course,
we used perhaps 10 times the number of playouts to turn a 3-dan player
into a 3-dan score-estimator.)


>> Sticking with MCTS, you'd have to use komi adjustments: first find
>> two extreme values that give each side a win, then use a
>> binary-search-like algorithm to narrow it down until you find the
>> correct value for komi for that position. This will take approx 10
>> times longer than normal MCTS, for the same strength level.
>> (I'm not sure if this is what Pachi is doing?)
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